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Who we are:

Orthopaedic Media Group is an Internet marketing company with over 17 years of marketing expertise. Our focus is to offer a resource that connects patients with experienced Orthopaedic Surgeons through our network of educational surgeon directories. www.orthopaedicsurgeondirectory.com, www.kneesurgeondirectory.com, www.hipsurgeondirectory.com, and www.shouldersurgeondirectory.com. Our network of Surgeons and Animated Patient Education is simply second to none. We also offer Custom Video, Custom Responsive Website Design, social media marketing such as FaceBook, YouTube to all Orthopaedic practices. Orthopaedic Media Group is the #1 Resource for all Orthopaedic practice marketing and Online Patient Education.

What we do

At Orthopaedic Media Group, our mission is to develop elegant and affordable web marketing solutions that enable orthopaedic practices to enhance or establish online visibility by driving traffic to practice websites and increase client conversion. Our foundation is our network of Orthopaedic Directories, Custom Responsive Website Design, Custom Video, Social Media, Internet marketing, SEO, and Online Reputation Management.